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SpaceOps 2018 Organized by CNES
in Marseille, France
May 28 - June 1, 2018

"Inspiring Humankind's Future"

Since the next SpaceOps Conference is two years away the  "Journal" solicits papers and technical articles on all relevant matters of space operations for online publication. On request the "Journal's"  international Peer Review team will review your paper according to AIAA standards.
Please contact: Joachim J. Kehr, Editor SpaceOps News joachimkehr@aol.com

A range of unique sponsorship opportunities are available to corporations, both at the subscriber level as well as a limited number of Founding Sponsor openings that will give your organization a strong association with the premier journal for space operations. A partnership with us can deliver your business objectives, strengthen corporate image and provide excellent marketing and PR opportunities. Read more...

We would like to welcome our first Founding Sponsor, ASRC Aerospace Corporation

ASRC Aerospace Corporation

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