Volume 14 Issue 1
Galileo Operations, Training & Simulation


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All articles marked with an asterisk (*) are archived peer-reviewed "Technical Papers"


2017 Q1 January - March Galileo Constellation Operations, Training and Simulations
GPS Precise Relative Positioning of Formation Flying Satellites
MBRSP (Dubai) Presentation to SpaceOps (Nov. 2016)
2016 Q2 April - June Rectlinear Motion: A Basis for the Adaptation of Arbitrary Motion
Spooky Interaction - Experiment on the ISS (Space-QUEST)
There's no Space like Home
Q3 July - September The almost forgotten Mission of K.D. Flade: MIR 92
The Right Staff - Voyager Operations
Q4 October - December Assess-2 Germany's Early Participation in Spacelab Preparatory Activities
Radar Based System for Space Situational Awareness
The Pale Red Dot - A Renewed Dream
The Success of the ROTEX Spacelab D2 Experiments
Ulf Merbold - European Space Pioneer
2015 Q1 January - March 2014 Poll Review
Current Status of Space Tether Experiments
Q2 April - June Alexander Gerst Interview
Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics Satellite Applications (Excerpt)
Q3 July - September George Todd (DLR) turns 90 - One Space-Life and two others
GIOTTO, an Artificial Asteroid Probing the Coma of Comet P/Haley. Herbert Porsch
Google X-Prize Status
The Circle will Now be Closed, Finally (On the Inability to Adapt Circular Motio
Q4 October - December EUROMIR 20th Anniversary
Galileo Operations
2014 Q1 January - March 2013: Last Year's Poll Results Analysis
On-orbit Servicing:Telepresence and the DEOS Simulator.
The European Data Relay System
Q2 April - June A Design Proposal for Asaph-1: A Human Mission to Phobos*)
A Taxonomy of Uplink Planning & Sequencing Architectures for 16 Successful Space
Fictitious discussion between Helios and Solar Probe Plus (SPP) Mission- and Spa
Putting Human Cognition and Awareness on Other Worlds*)
Q3 July - September Public Telescope
SpaceOps2014 Post Conference Book Selections *)
Sven Grahn: The last OTRAG rocket - launched from Esrange
The HElIOS Celestial Mechanics Experiment (E-11)
Q4 October - December OTRAG - A Low Cost Rocket (update)
Planck Satellite: Cosmic Inflation
The Helios 1 and 2 Solarwind Experiment Results
The HELIOS Mission, Sun-days of German Spaceflight (40th Anniversary)
Where are the Agencies Human Space Flight (HFR) Programs Heading?
2013 Q1 January - March 2012 Poll Results
End of Life Procedures for Low Earth Orbit Air Force Missions: CloudSat and TacS
ROSAT and Dark Matter
Q2 April - June Commercial Space Mining
Interaction of Meteorites
TSX/TDX Achievements and Team Performance
Q3 July - September China's first Lunar Rover *)
Medical Mission Control Planning and Operations for a Manned Stratospheric Fligh
PTS Commercial View
PTS Presentation: Commercialization Aspects (#rp13)
Q4 October - December 15 Years ISS Operations
30 Years FSLP
Mischief at Michoud
Radiation biology experiments in Columbus
2012 Q1 January - March 2011 SpaceOps News Poll Results Analysis
A Hole in Texas
DLR Supports PTS for the Google Lunar X-Price
European Space Elevator Challenge (EuSEC)
SpaceOps2010_Book Review
Q2 April - June GSAW 2012 Workshop Proceedings
Q3 July - September 135 STS Missions in 30 Years
Mission Operations Preparation Environment: A new approach for the future *)
The ISS Crew Onboard Safety Actions - Analysis of the Acquired Experience *)
Q4 October - December A University-developed Comprehensive Open-architecture Space Mission Operations
Automating Mid- and Long-Range Scheduling for NASA’s Deep Space Network *)
Commercial Collaboration For Collision Avoidance and Flight Operations *)
Consideration of Space Debris Mitigation Requirements in the Operation of LEO Mi
EDRS Operations at GSOC- relevant heritage and new developments *)
Efficacy of the Dawn Vesta Science Plan *)
Exchanging the central Storage System during Operations *)
Gamification for Astronaut Training *)
Innovative Rover Operations Concepts – Autonomous Planner (IRONCAP) – Suppor
Multi-Mission Operator Training Practices *)
NASA Space Launch System Operations *)
Operations for parallel satellite support *)
Optical Communication Link *)
Organization of a Notional Lunar Mining Site *)
Simplify ISS Flight Control Communications and Log Keeping via Social Tools and
SpaceOps2012 Conference
TDX-TSX - On-board autonomy and FDIR of whispering brothers *)
Ten Times more information in your Real-Time TM *)
The Keys to Successful Extended Missions *)
The Operations of China’s First Lunar Rover *)
Timeline as Unifying Concept for Spacecraft Operations *)
2011 Q1 January - March 2010 Poll Analysis.asp
DECLIC: Clocks up one Year in Orbit *)
Space Technology Handbook
Tools for Creation of Just-in-time 3D Procedural Simulations *)
Q2 April - June Decision Support Tool *)
HTV2 Departure from the ISS and Reentry *)
The Traveller's Guide to Commercial Spaceflight
Q3 July - September ATV Jules Verne: a Step by Step Approach for the In-Orbit Demonstration of New R
Commercial Spaceflight-u2 (incl. CCDev2)
Cryosat-2: DORIS Instrument *)
Promising Results from the Customization of the Commanding and Monitoring Framew
Q4 October - December Bang, Whoosh, Silence: Letter
2010 Q1 January - March 2010_Qutr1_SpaceOpsNews_u1
Cardiomed to Take the Pulse of Astronauts *)
SapceOps meets Science: WAICO
SICSDA: An Adaptive Configurable Distributed S/W *)
Q2 April - June Commercial Spaceflight
Q3 July - September Coal Fire Research
Using Measures of Effectiveness to Analze and Improve MO *)
Q4 October - December Human Spaceflight
2009 Q1 January - March Gladden SpaceOps 2008 Paper *)
Q2 April - June SpacePort Sweden_SSC
Q3 July - September Internet in Space Testing
Internet in Space Testing
The 2009 Class of ESA Astronauts
Q4 October - December 2009q4-spaceopsnews_U1.asp
German Lunar XPrize Team
International Collaboration to Mitigate Space Debris *)
2008 Q1 January - March 2008Q1_SOC_Maldari
Columbus Launched Finally!
Q2 April - June Exploded in Space!
Q3 July - September SpaceOps2008 News & Best Papers
Q4 October - December An Interplanetary Internet
Enabling Autonomous Science for Mars Rover *)
METEOSAT 2G: Automated Procedures Execution...
Operational CA for LEO Satellites at CNES *)
Use of Virtualization Techniques for GDS *)
2007 Q3 July - September 2007Q3_SOC_Clarke
Bigelow: Commerce meets Fiction
Q4 October - December 2007Q4_huygens_anomaly
NOAA-14 Tumble Anomaly *)
2006 Q3 July - September Managing Satellites' End of Life *)
Q4 October - December Intelligent Control For Spacecraft Autonomy: An Industry Survey
Safely Integrating Space Operations Into The National Airspace System *)
2005 Q2 April - June Developing the Future Air and Space Transportation System Through Interagency Pa
Geospace Traffic Management
Organizational Accidents: A Primer (D. Fuller) *)
2004 Q1 January - March Sound Off: On the Media (Devereux)
Q4 October - December Space Must Be Settled, Not Just Explored
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Ops