Volume 19 Issue 2
The Master Algorithm


Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Space Operations and Support Technical Committee and the International SpaceOps Organization have partnered together to publish the Communicator and together offer your corporation a tremendous opportunity to strengthen your corporate image and provide excellent marketing and PR opportunities. Your partnership with us is a cost-effective alternative to the “drive by” impression afforded by other, similar advertising venues.

Founding Sponsor

This opportunity will be made available to three sponsors, only. Once taken, these slots are then permanently filled and will never be offered again. At this level of sponsorship, we will provide you with all the benefits of the Platinum package, plus your name and logo will be listed on a separate page dedicated to our founding sponsors. The Founder package is available to you at a one-time fee of $15k. This will secure your place in that small, exclusive group permanently. No other fees of any kind will be required in the future.


We offer four levels of participation for subscribers.

Your company logo is displayed on our splash page and listed as a sponsor.

Your company logo displayed on our splash page as a link to your company’s web site.

Your company’s logo is displayed as a link on both the splash page and in the SpaceOps New section. Also, your company is listed, along with its logo, as a sponsor in e-mail announcements of new editions.

Bronze, Silver and Gold benefits plus your logo and advertizing material will appear in our kiosk at conferences and the annual Space Operations Workshop.

Examples of some of our recent conferences are SpaceOps 2006, held in Rome, Italy, the Responsive Space Conference, and our annual Space Operations Workshop held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston , TX. As you can see, your company will enjoy international exposure at the most notable space operations venues.


Subscriber Schedule

No. months 3 6 9 12
price/Qtr. $300.00 $275.00 $250.00 $225.00
price/mo. $100.00 $91.67 $83.33 $75.00
total $300.00 $550.00 $750.00 $900.00
No. months 3 6 9 12
price/Qtr. $375.00 $350.00 $325.00 $300.00
price/mo. $125.00 $116.67 $108.33 $100.00
total $375.00 $700.00 $975.00 $1,200.00
No. months 3 6 9 12
price/Qtr. $575.00 $550.00 $525.00 $500.00
price/mo. $191.67 $183.33 $175.00 $166.67
total $575.00 $1,100.00 $1,575.00 $2,000.00
No. months 3 6 9 12
price/Qtr. $700.00 $675.00 $650.00 $625.00
price/mo. $233.33 $225.00 $216.67 $208.33
total $700.00 $1,350.00 $1,950.00 $2,500.00

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